Franchisee application process

Requirements for becoming a franchisee

1. Owns a store or has obtained a lease for more than three years and the area must be at least 49.587 square meters.

2. Aged between 25 and 45 with a degree that is no lower than that of senior high schools (including that of vocational schools).

3. Full-time management is required. Must be healthy and has a good credit history. No eating betel nut.

Reserve for establishing a franchise

1. Franchise fee: 300,000

2. Equipment and appliances: 1.08 million (actual expenses will be reimbursed)

3. Interior decoration works, plumbing and electricity, signage: 800,000 (Get a quote before construction; actual expenses will be reimbursed)

4. Required topay 2.18 million in total

Other requirements

1. The location and shopping area must be assessed by the headquarters and confirmed to be suitable for opening a store.

2. All three trainees must be on full duty and at least two of them should have a close relationship with you (friends and family). You must receive at least six weeks of educational training at the headquarters, during which you will have one day off per week.

3. The contract period is three years.

4. Materials must be purchased from DaYungs or DaYungs’ designated vendors.

5. Guarantee funds: a commercial paper of $1,000,000.

Joining process


  • DaYungs’ Franchise System

We will explain DaYungs’ management concepts, franchise system, service coordination and the advantages and sustainable services that DaYungs can create for you.


  • On-site experience for two days

Franchising is a mutual understanding of both sides. We will arrange a two-day on-site experience for you to conduct an initial examination of whether or not you are suitable for the work of DaYungs. You can also self-evaluate to determine whether or not you are suitable for DaYungs’ list of duties and the long hour of standing.


  • Assessment of the shopping district for establishment

“Sustainable operation” is the common goal of DaYungs and its branches. DaYungs will assess the franchisee’s choice of location in the business area where the store is intended to be opened. The results of the assessment will be presented to the franchisee and will serve as a reference for the franchisee to select a location before deciding what to do in the next stage.


  • Signing franchise agreement

After the above steps, the franchise agreement can be signed and the franchise fee of $300,000 can be paid. What follows is the six-week training course.


  • Educational training about the store

The franchisee will start a six-week educational training program for new franchisees. The course is arranged in an interactive manner with on-site training and specialist teaching. The franchisee will be able to get into the thick of things quickly and become a professional store manager.

  • Storefront project contracting

This phase will go hand in hand with the educational training. The engineers will work on the plumbing, electrical, civil engineering, and other related projects of the store.


  • Preparing to open the store and specialist counseling

Two days before the opening, the counseling specialist will fully assist the franchisee so that everything that needs to be done is done before the opening of the store, allowing the franchisee to prepare for the opening with peace of mind.

Grand Open

  • Official opening

After the opening, the counseling specialist will conduct an opening counseling for 2-5 days so that the new branch can quickly adapt to the daily business flow of the branch after the opening.