National-grade Green Shield pesticide testing is the key to worry-free food.

“This is the summertime for limited Irwin mango smoothie. Try some!” When you walk into the store, you can always feel how friendly the staff members are when they introduce the seasonal fresh fruit drinks. The fresh taste can deeply affect you from your first sip. However, by providing this fresh taste, we seek not only to make it dainty but also to guarantee that “the food is worry-free,” which is more important!

National-grade Green Shield inspection; test first, and eat later, making people feel a lot more at ease.

It has always been DaYungs’ primary concern to ensure that our customers can enjoy drinks that are both tasty and worry-free. In addition to working with local contractual farms and many levels of quality control, a quick pesticide inspection before shipment is the best key to ensuring that the fruits are safe to eat. For this reason, DaYungs sent its staff members to attend the pesticide inspection course held by the Agricultural Chemicals and Toxic Substances Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan in May 2010 and they passed and obtained the inspection technician certification. Since June of the same year, all fresh fruits have been subject to the Green Shield pesticide inspection, so that consumers can enjoy fresh drinks without fear. Green Shield’s pesticide inspection is conducted to test for two types of pesticides that inhibit neurotransmission, including carbamate and organophosphates. Through the “biochemical method” approved by the Agriculture and Food Agency, samples of each type of fruit are tested before shipment. The total amount of pesticide residues of the tested substances can be obtained in the shortest possible time. In case of non-compliance with the national safety standards, all the fruits from the same batch will be returned immediately. We strive to be the food-safety gate-keeper for our consumers. Through the biochemical method, not only can the fruit inspection results be quickly understood, but also the fresh fruits that have passed the inspection can be delivered to the stores during the period in which they can maintain their best taste. Then, they are presented to the consumers as one after another of delicious cups of fresh fruit tea. At present, large fruit and vegetable markets, farmers’ associations and large branded supermarkets in the North, Central and South are all using this mechanism for inspection.

Green Shield inspection's precise 4 steps give you one hundred percent peace of mind.

1. Sampling

Each type of fruit is subject to sampling inspection before shipment.

2. Extraction with agents

Agents such as enzymes, alcohols, coloring agents and bromine are added to the substrate and comparison tests are conducted in pairs.

3. Instrument inspection

UV-VIW spectrometers are used to perform individual inspections and the results are digitized for greater peace of mind.
Note: The fruits that have not passed the inspection will be returned immediately and will not be used.

4. Passed inspection

Fruits that have been qualified and certified will be labeled as “qualified,” so that stores can use them with confidence and customers can drink them with greater peace of mind.