About【i want card】

What is【i want card】?

  1. The【i want card】is a prepaid stored-value card issued by DaYungs Beverage Store. The card itself is sold in the form of merchandise with nothing in it. Value can be added to it repeatedly. After adding value, you can use the card to make purchases at DaYungs beverage stores and related appointed outlets, allowing you to avoid carrying change and complete transactions quickly.

  2. The 【i want card】 is sold as a commodity. The purchase amount paid by the cardholder is the consideration for the purchase of the 【i want card】 and is not a deposit. Upon termination of the use of the 【i want card】, the cardholder may not request the issuer to refund the original purchase amount of the 【i want card】.

Adding value to the【i want card】:

  1. The 【i want card】’s value can be added at DaYungs beverage stores and related appointed outlets. Each value-adding is in multiples of NT$100. Each 【i want card】 has a maximum stored value of NT$10,000. Each 【i want card】 can have a maximum balance of NT$10,000 and the total amount of value must be added in full with the same payment instrument (e.g. cash and credit card cannot be used at the same time.).

  2. After adding value to【i want card】, please make sure the receipt [voucher of stored value] is correct before leaving the counter. If a dispute about the added value is to arise after leaving the counter, the store cannot handle it on site. Consumers should contact our service center directly.

  3. The stored value balance of【i want card】 does not generate interest.

Consuming with 【i want card】:

  1. Regarding how to use 【i want card】, the full amount of the transaction should be debited from the balance of the 【i want card】.

  2. After you have made a purchase with your 【i want card】, please make sure the balance on the receipt with your order number is correct before leaving the counter. If you have a dispute about your card balance after leaving the counter, please contact DaYungs Service Center.

How to registrate your【i want card】and related inquiries:

【i want card】 is an unregistered stored-value card in terms of consumption. Cardholders should download DaYungs’ app and complete the membership registration in the app before linking your 【i want card】. The registration is completed only when the cardholder completes the registration and linking process. After linking your 【i want card】 card, you can check your balance and spending record via the 【i want card】 section in DaYungs’ app.

Notes on the storage of 【i want card】:

  1. Each 【i want card】 has a coil chip and should not be exposed to high temperature, abrade, cut or bent. Do not place the【i want card】 in places where it may be damaged by pressure, such as back pockets of clothes and pants, backpacks, etc., to avoid applying pressure on it inadvertently, which may damage the coils, resulting in it not being able to be read inductively.

  2. When using the card, please do not put the card together with other types of inductive chips (such as EasyCard, iPASS, VISA Wave Card, etc.), credit cards and bank cards to avoid interference, which affects inductive reading.

What should I do if I lose my【i want card】?

  1. If your【i want card】 is registered, you can report the lost 【i want card】 in accordance with the system’s terms and conditions for interests. The steps for reporting a lost 【i want card】 are as follows:
  2. Whether a lost【i want card】 is reported by you online or through the customer service hotline, once the lost card is reported, the card cannot be used and cannot be reinstated. Once the card is lost, the card cannot be used or reinstated. The balance of the【i want card】will be subject to the message confirming the report of the lost card in the system. If a lost card is reported through the customer service hotline, the time when the customer service representative completes the lost card reporting procedure shall prevail. If the registered cardholder reports the loss by telephone or other means in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the lost card reporting is deemed to be completed. Losses incurred by fraudulent use of the card since the completion of the lost card reporting procedure shall be borne by the issuer. However, the cardholder shall be responsible for any loss incurred by fraudulent use of non-online instant transactions within 24 hours after completing the lost card reporting procedure as described above.
  3. If an unregistered 【i want card】 is lost, stolen, fraudulently obtained or possessed by a third party, the stored value will be treated as lost cash and no compensation will be provided. Please be sure to keep the card in a safe place.

Can I exchange my 【i want card】 for a new one?

  1. The warranty period for 【i want card】’s and their chips is 2 years from the date of purchase provided that they are used normally. Consumers are advised to use the card with peace of mind. No replacement cards will be issued unless the card itself is defective.
  2. The process of card replacement is described as follows:
    1. If a card is lost, stolen or destroyed, you may apply for a replacement card. The replacement card costs NT$100 each and the balance of the original card will be transferred into it.
    2. If the card is damaged by natural wear and tear (not caused by human errors) within the 2-year warranty period, you can apply for a replacement card for free. The balance of the new card after replacement = the balance of the original card.
    3. If the card malfunctions/is destroyed due to misuse by the cardholder or if the card has been used for a period longer than the 2-year warranty, but the card number is still identifiable, you may apply for a replacement card, which costs NT$100 each. The balance of the original card will be transferred to it.
    4. If the card is damaged or the card number is unrecognizable, it cannot be processed.
    5. If the card is stolen, the consumer must immediately call the Consumer Service Center to report the lost card. The Company shall not be liable for any compensation if the consumer does not immediately report the loss of the card and suffers damages.
    6. Consumers should obtain a special envelope for the processing of the card at DaYungs’ beverage stores and mail the card to DaYungs Consumer Service Center for processing. The processing will take ten to fourteen business days (excluding holidays). We will notify you by SMS after the processing is completed.
    7. Regarding card replacement application, if the card that needs to be replaced is out of stock, existing cards with other designs will be given as replacement. We are sorry but you will not be allowed to request for the original card design.

Can I receive a refund after adding value to my 【i want card】?

There is no expiration date for the 【i want card】 stored value deposit. If for any reason you wish to refund your stored value (we do not accept partial refunds or refunds of negative values after deducting the relevant fees), please contact the consumer service hotline at 0800-393998 and a customer service representative will explain the relevant operations and services to you.

Other Matters

    1. The amount stored in the Card has been deposited into a trust account opened by the Issuer at E.SUN Commercial Bank for exclusive use. The trust period lasts for 18 months from the issuance date or until the trust relationship is extinguished. The beneficiary is the Company, not the cardholder. Upon the expiration of the trust period, the Company will receive from the trust account the amount equal to the remaining stored value in the card, but the cardholder may still request payment from the Company in accordance with the law. The issuance date of the Card is the last stored value date.

    1. Please refer to the announcement on the Company’s website or contact the Company’s service center for any matters not covered in this instruction manual.

  1. The Company reserves the right to explain, modify, adjust and terminate the service descriptions and marketing campaign of the 【i want card】.

Questions about the app & 【i want card】

Gold Points

How do I accumulate gold points?

Starting from 2018, 【i want card】’s offers 10% gold points when you spend $10 or more (e.g. 1 point for NT$10 or more spent; 2 points for NT$20 or more spent and so on. Points will not be given for amounts less than NT$10). Points generated from the current purchase will only be credited on the next purchase. 1 gold point can be redeemed for $1. You can also redeem vouchers for beverages at the JUICY STORE. There are other different ways to use the offer.

How are gold points calculated?

Gold points expire in six months. The points generated in this month can be used for a period of six months from the following month. After the expiration of the gold points, the unredeemed points will expire. (For example, points generated from 01/1 to 01/31 will expire on 07/31, and so on).

How are the gold points plus bonus points calculated?

The bonus points campaign is to double the bonus points on drinks, in addition to the original 10% gold points rebate. For example, if you buy a $25 drink, you will get 2 points back and 2 more points will be given to you as a gift.

When will I receive the bonus points?

The bonus points will be credited to the card within 24 hours of purchase at the latest.

How expired points are displayed in the app

The display field of expired points in the app will be updated in the early morning every day; if you have used it yesterday, we suggest you to check the app again today, for the updated information should be available by now.

Scanning receipts - Scratch cards and sharing bottle buyback collection points

How to scan paper receipts?

For the scanned receipt of the questionnaire scratch card campaign, please go to [Home] → [Satisfaction Survey] to scan and try. When you scan the electronic receipt, align the QRCode at the bottom left. If you can’t scan, you can try [Manual Input] in the upper right corner. The “-” between the English letters and numbers on the receipt is not required to be entered. Enter either the [random code or amount.]

How to scan receipts on devices?

You can scan the [Sales Slip] and align it with the QRCode at the bottom left. If you can’t scan, you can try [Manual Input] in the upper right corner. The “-” between the English letters and numbers on the receipt is not required to be entered. Enter either the [random code or amount.]

Receipt cannot be scanned

After the receipt of an order is printed, the system must upload the receipt information to the cloud. If you are unable to scan the receipt immediately after purchase, it may be due to the time lag when the receipt is still being uploaded. Please scan the receipt again later or try inputting them manually.

Why can't Mobile Mall invoices be scanned?

Receipts from the mobile mall are generated at the time of purchase and cannot be used to participate in the receipt scanning campaign. The entire purchase will be completed only when you redeem the coupon at the store later. When you redeem the voucher at the store, you will receive a [Sales Slip.] You need to use the receipt number on the [Sales Slip] to scan.

How to collect points with sharing bottle

The way to collect points from sharing bottles is to bring your sharing bottles back to buy beverages that are of the the same volume. Please refer to [APP]🡪 [Mine] 🡪 [Points Collecting Card]🡪[Scan Receipts to Collect Points]. If you collect the campaign’s designated number of points, you can enter the redemption section to redeem coupons. Please be reminded that there are limited dates for collecting points with sharing bottles and that redemption is limited to a certain period. For related information, please refer to the Notes of the Sharing Bottle Point Collection Campaign.

Questions about 【i want card】 and the app

How do I purchase 【i want cards】?

The card is available at all stores in Taiwan. The price is $100 per new empty card. The 【i want card】 is an anonymous stored value loyalty card. If the card is lost, stolen, fraudulently taken, damaged, lost or possessed by a third party, the stored value is equivalent to the loss of cash. We are unable to provide compensation or stop payment after the loss is reported for the amount and points. Please be sure to keep it in a safe place. We suggest that you link your 【i want card】 to the app and complete the registration process.

How do I store value in my 【i want card】?

There are three ways to store value in【i want cards】. You can choose to store value online with your credit card, at the stores with physical 【i want cards】, or at the stores with the 【i want cards】 that is linked with the app on your cell phone. The minimum amount of value stored is NT$100 per transaction. The maximum amount of stored value per 【i want cards】 is NT$10,000 (single stored value is measured in hundred dollars). Physical cards with the same card number as that in the app’s mobile payment can be used interchangeably!

What should I do if I lose 【i want cards】?

There are two ways to deal with lost【i want cards】:

1. If your lost card has an activated mobile payment linked with DaYungs app and the app is linked with other information of the【i want card】, you can use the app to report the lost card online and transfer the balance of the lost card to another【i want card】 that you can use.

2. Or, you can go to a nearby DaYungs store to obtain a “special return envelope for processing【i want cards】.” After filling it in, go to a counter in a post office to send it back to the head office by registered mail (no postage is required). After receiving the envelope, the head office will process it for you within 10~14 working days. You will be notified by SMS after the completion of processing.

Can I still use the chip card I got in the early days?

The old chip card (there is a small chip on the back of the card) is no longer usable because these cards are being replaced in the market and the same applies to their machines and equipment. However, we can refund the balance in your card and card fees.We will not only refund the balance in your card, but also the $50 fee you paid for the application of the original card. For the refund of the old chip cards, please go to the nearest DaYungs store to obtain the “special return envelope for【i want card】processing.” Fill in your information completely and put a copy of your personal bank account inside the envelope before sealing it properly. Send the envelope back by registered mail (no postage is required).Upon receipt,the head office will take 10-14 business days to process it. You will be notified by SMS upon completion of processing.

What is the password of the 【i want card】 that is linked with app?

You can try the “last 6 digits of your cell phone number” or the 4 digits that make up your birthday, which is “Month + Day.” If your card number is 1490593 or larger, the password is the numbers of the authentication code on the back of the card where there used to be silver paint before it is scratch-off.

What should I do if the【i want card】 is already linked?

If you allowed your family/friends to link the 【i want card】, you need to ask them to unlink the card before you can link it with your app account again.

If you have already registered for membership in the app and have finished linking, you only need to log into your original app account to see this card.

You want to link with the app but it shows that the mobile payment is not activated yet.

Please go to a store with your physical card to activate the mobile payment function so that you can use the 【i want card】mobile payment linked with your cell phone.

Can other people use my【i want card】?

If you want to transfer your 【i want card】 to someone else, you can ask the person who applied for the card to call our customer service directly and tell them that you need them to transfer 【i want card】 and provide them with the information of the person who applied for the card and the information of the transferor. The customer service staff will assist in the change after checking the relevant information with the person who applied for the card.

Precautions for keeping 【i want card】

The card is the kind with a coil chip and should be protected from exposure to high temperatures, bending, abrasion or cutting. Please do not place the card in the back pocket of your pants or backpack to avoid pressing on it inadvertently, which may cause cracks in the card and cause damage to the coil, making it impossible to be read. When you use the card, please do not touch the sensor area with multiple sensing chip cards (such as EasyCard, credit card, or bank card) at the same time to avoid abnormalities such as inability to judge or debit. Do not place the card near metal products to avoid affecting the sensor reading.

Can I get a refund if I don't want to use the 【i want card】 anymore?

There is no expiration date for the value stored in【i want card】. If you wish to withdraw the stored value of an 【i want card】for personal reasons (partial refunds or refunds with negative value after deducting the relevant fees will not be accepted), you can obtain a “special return envelope for 【i want card】processing” from the nearest DaYungs store. Please fill in your information completely and put a copy of your personal bank account inside the envelope before sealing it properly. Go to a counter at a post office to send it back to the head office by registered mail (no postage is required). After receiving the envelope, the head office will process it for you within 10-14 business days. You will be notified by SMS after the process is completed.

What can I do if I can't log into the app?

If you can’t log in because you forgot your app account password, we suggest that you use the “Forgot Password” function on the app’s system. The system will re-send you an authentication code. After entering the code, you can re-set the password.

How to change a member's phone number in the app

In the app, cell phone numbers are used as proof of authentication for registered members, so no alteration function is provided. If you want to change your cell phone number, please call 0800-393-998 or leave a message to customer service using LINE@.

Reminder: You must provide the following information to the customer service staff: e-mail address, full name, date of birth, new cell phone number, old cell phone number and【i want card】 number.

How to get astrological birthday coupons

Become a member of the app and fill in your basic information completely. The birthday gift will be sent by the system 7 days before the start of your birthday’s horoscope. If you log in/fill in the information after the time of sending for the horoscope, you will receive the birthday gift in the following year. Each member account is limited to one birthday coupon per year and the coupon is valid until the last day of the horoscope.

Can I link more than one-member account with an【i want card】?

There is no limit to the number of 【i want cards】 that can be linked with an app member account, but one 【i want card】 can only be linked with one app member account.

How to register as a member of the app

After downloading the app, please use your cell phone number to register as a member and fill in all the information.

What are the benefits of registering in the app?

After downloading the app, if you fill in all the information, the system will send the coupon to your app account one week before the start of the horoscope of your birthday. In addition, the app will also roll out limited coupon collection campaigns and other planned campaigns occasionally!

Can I use my app member account on multiple cell phones at the same time?

In order to maintain the security of personal information and the correct flow of money, an app member account can only be registered on one cell phone at present!

Can I pay with【i want card】in the app?

It is recommended that you use your【i want card】 by linking it with the app. If you use the app delivery service to order drinks, when the balance of your linked 【i want card】 exceeds the order amount, the system will ask you whether or not you want to pay by cash or 【i want card】. You can choose according to your needs. There is an online credit card value adding function in the My【i want card】Services option in the app. You can take a look.

How to check the expiration date of the vouchers and coupons?

You can find out by tapping My【i want card】Checkout / Add Value at Stores Select Coupons / Vouchers in the app. If you don’t have any 【i want cards】, you can confirm what the expiration date is by tapping [Use Now] on the voucher or coupon in the app.

Fresh Gift for Cardholders

After purchasing a new 【i want card】 and successfully linking it with DaYungs’ app, you will receive a cardholder fresh gift, which is limited to once per card. Please be reminded that the beverage included in the cardholders’ fresh gift will vary according to the season.

How to collect the app's marketing campaign coupons

Coupons are currently differentiated as follows:

1. Marketing campaign collection: Follow the campaign content to complete the designated procedures and enter the cell phone number registered for the app on the campaign page. The system will automatically send coupons to [My Coupons].

2. Actively sent by the app: The system will analyze each member’s consumption status and other circumstances to carry out different marketing campaigns. Therefore, not every app member will see the same campaign. It is also possible that next time, it is you who receive the coupon, and others do not receive it.

The ways consumers are served

Customer Service Center Toll-free number: 0800-393-998;
Service hours:
08:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:30, Monday-Friday; (except national holidays and regular holidays)