About DaYungs

Brand Spirit

The Chinese name, “Da Yuan,” is originally an ancient place name from a certain period in Taiwan. We boast of being the “children of Taiwan,” hence the name “Da Yuan Zi.” In the spirit of Taiwan, DaYungs not only wants to bring you delicious and healthy drinks, we also want to create a satisfying and more heartfelt experience every time. Our service is friendly and we treat every customer like “family.” We carefully select fresh fruits from the local contractual farms for direct delivery to ensure quality, just like the feeling of “home” shown by our logo.

Commitment to our customers

We want you to know about our endless persistence.

  1. 1. Welcome customers with a smile and a happy greeting.
  2. 2. Provide drink tasting and introduce drinks.
  3. 3. Serve drinks with both hands and pay attention to customers.
  4. 4. We only make drinks that we, our families and colleagues enjoy, and drink without fear.
  5. 5. Remake the drinks when customers are dissatisfied with them.

History of Development

History of Development

Year Major milestones
2001 The first DaYungs store (Jingxiu Store) was opened in Yuanlin Township, Changhua County.
2004 Leading the industry in the implementation of the POS systems.
2006 Issued the first-generation chip-based stored-value card want card.
2008 Established professional logistics warehouse. Procured deep in the growing areas. Introduced ERP system.
2009 The second generation of contactless(WAVE)stored-value card, i want card, was launched in December

Introduced the national “Green Shield” pesticide residue testing system to use safe fresh fruits.

Cooperated with the “Yunlin County Government” to increase the procurement, with 550 tons of Taiwan oranges delivered directly from the product source. Took action to support local agriculture in Taiwan.


100 stores opened throughout Taiwan.

Invited by “Pingtung County Government,” we held a grand press conference for Pingtung Mango Festival to co-promote Fangshan’s Irwin mangoes.


The first day of each month was set as the Charity Day on which at least 1% of our turnover is donated to charity organizations to help disadvantaged children.

Elected as an excellent enterprise by the “Changhua Health Bureau,” and held a press conference event on red, yellow, and green sugar content at our stores.


DaYungs operated cross-country. The subsidiary in Shanghai was established.

Launched DaYungs sharing bottle to encourage giving back to love the earth.

Leading the industry in launching the online ordering app, gift vouchers and coupons.


200 stores opened throughoutTaiwan.

The subsidiary in Malaysia was established.

The functions, “Online Value Loading” and “Mobile Payment,” were launched in the app.


More than one million i want cards issued.

►The function allowing for real-time query of the “pesticide inspection data” is launched in the app.


A subsidiary in Cambodia was established.

Stores in America and Australia were established.

►Gradually began to use fresh fruits labeled with “product tracing information”, upgrading our food safety.

Started to use small farmers’ milk, upgrading without increasing the price.


The gifted “Gold Point” function was launched on January 2nd.

Awarded the 2-star certification of traceability restaurant by AMOTin April.

The app, “Juice Store,” which is an online store, was launched in November.

Invited by “the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan” to participate in the fruit hand-shake drink competition in December. Developed creative drinks with local dragon fruits and bananas. Won the “Refreshing Award” and “Never Tired of Drinking Award.” Took action to support local agricultural products.

►Awarded the honor of Top 100 MVP Managers in MANAGERtoday’ “2018 MVP” in December 2018.


Fully upgraded to using ilovemilk’s small-farmer fresh milk in stores.

Reached one million members in the app.

The new headquarters was completed in January.

Entered the era of “delivery mobile payment” in September.

“Fresh Fruit Coffee” came out in October.

Won the first prize of “BUYING POWER Society’s Innovative Products and Services Procurement Award Mechanism” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in December 2019.

►Implemented the crazy plan of having fresh strawberries “harvested and delivered on the same day.”


►”DaYungs Fresh Fruit Life+” Subscription System 1.0.

Strawberry milk smoothie came out on February 14.

►Golden Diamond pineapple smoothie came out on March 14.

►Mango Double Double series came out on April 30.

►DaYungs’ flagship store, Shifumengxiang Store, opened on July 23.

►Cherry milk smoothie came out on July 24.

►Green tea with jasmine and orange came out on August 3.

►Lychee Rose came out on August 17.

►Created a “strawberry garden in the city” in November – Moved a strawberry farm into the Shifumengxiang Store.

Awarded the first prize of “BUYING POWER Society’s Innovative Products and Services Procurement Award Mechanism” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in December 2020 again.